Below are examples of commissions I have made.
Books always open, contact me by email ( or instagram (@print_hole)
crane linocut print river and duck and plants in nature
linocut scenery with rabbit and river and plants outdoors
fox linocut print outdoors plants and river scenery
dalmations linocut print
wiener dog linocut print
monstera lino cut print
mirrored hand linocut print with mushrooms ferns and sunflowers
set of four mask linocut prints hannya tengu hyottoko and samurai
two tone roses linocut print with black and pink
saru mask linocut print with the words monkey industries around it
hands and round bottom flask linocut print
floating hands linocut anthuriums and philodendrons
large cat preparing fish in a dark room with a vase and bookshelf nearby linocut print
two cats lino cut playing with monstera deliciosa and anthurium warocqueanum
michaelangelo's david as a lino cut print from the waist up
dog and cat lino cut print with sushi and rice floating around

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