About Me

Hey! My name is Austin, or better known by my 'stage name' Print Hole. My printmaking journey began in December 2020. I picked up printmaking as a hobby during the pandemic partially out of interest, but also as a way to keep myself busy during scary times. I started by trying to make designs I wanted for my own home, but couldn't find anywhere else. One of the first designs I made was for my friends business as seen below: 



As you can see, it didn't even cross my mind that I had to mirror text. I quickly tried my hand at another print, diving straight into a multi-tone lino print of a philodendron 'florida ghost'. This ended up being more of a reduction print as I used a single block and just chipped away at it after I finished printing each color. Although I wasn't proud of it at the time, I look back at it with a lot of fondness as it was clear the design process made sense to me. Reduction printing is a difficult task as it turns out!



The next thing I tried was this monmon cat print. This is when I learned that I was possibly onto something that could be more than just art for my own home, as several friends reached out to purchase one (to those of your reading this who bought this initial run of cats, I am eternally grateful for the support you gave me at that time as it was so encouraging and helped pushed me to improve). 



After this, it became a series of trial and error. Lots of prints were made that didn't ever turn into anything. But I slowly started finding inspiration in many of the plants I keep in my home. Soon after that, I turned to woodblock prints as inspiration as I realized the style of art I liked was from woodblock artists of the Edo period in Japan. 


Nowadays, much of my art is inspired by stories that I read. I am finding that this keeps me in touch with the past and gives me ideas for drawings of things that possibly may have never been drawn before, at least not in the same context that I am working in. 


Printmaking has been a huge source of anxiety relief for me. The hands-on process is so involved that I find myself working in complete silence most the time. Most people I tell this find it quite strange, but with music in the background, I am typically far too focussed to even notice anything playing. I love to collaborate and get involved with the community. I am currently a board member with SUPPLY Victoria, as much of my practice is focussed on using sustainable materials such as wood or recycled tools. I am also a member of People of Print (POP), PRINT Victoria, and Color the Coast. 


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