What's new in Print Hole's world?

Sup P-Holers,

On guard!

Just kidding.

Print Hole here. I want to update some of you on some new happenings in my world.

I have been super inspired by a woodblock print designer named Shodo Kawarazaki. He designed a huge number of woodblock prints showing different flowers and plants during the 1900s. As some of you know, I have a big collection of houseplants, and have decided I want to carry on his style of prints with images of my own houseplants!

Here is a drawing and key block of my current piece.

I have been really enjoying woodblock printing, and think I will be spending less time on lino and more time on working with wood. I also am going to be delving into some screen printing and graphic design!

Which leads me to my next bit of news, I am making a zine!

I won't be releasing many details of this yet (except to my newsletter subscribers), so if you want more details, subscribe to that!

This saturday November 26th I am going to be at Slice of Life mini-mart! Come by anytime from 12-5, 1636 Venables street. I would love to chat with some of you, and I'll have tons of prints with me!

Wednesday December 14th I am going to be hosting a lino workshop hosted by Upcycle Clothing Collective. If you would like to come spend a few hours making your very own print, come check that out! Tickets are available on their website. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for your sweet messages and support always.

xoxo Print Hole

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