What’s with Print Hole?

What’s with Print Hole?

Waddup guys

I get this question a lot…

“Where did the name Print Hole come from?” Lemme tell ya.

Many years ago, the homies gave me the nickname ‘A-hole’. This wasn’t an offensive nickname to me, in fact it was really the only nickname I had ever had, so I quite liked it. 

When I began collecting plants, I created an instagram account by the name of “plant_hole” because it kind of just played off my nickname. Eventually when it came time to make an account for my art, I called it “print_hole” to stay on brand, not thinking it’d turn in to anything. 

Nearly two years later, here I am. It has been hard branding with this name, but it kind of works for me. Anyway, that’s the origin of Print Hole. Feel free to call me A-hole if you ever run into me or want to strike up a conversation. 

As a bonus for those of you who read this far…here I am as a camel in my elementary school play. Every time you think of buying a print, remember you are supporting a camel and giving it a better life. 

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